Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maybe Modern

So I have been filling folders with beach house pictures for..... oh about 5 years (not kidding)-
it is fun to look back on what I thought I loved.  Sort of like the Queen Anne dining room set that I just had to have when first married.  Oh boy, did I love a whole set of furniture.  Needless to say, that set is long gone -much to husband's dismay.  Anyway.... for some reason,  the older I get, the more I am drawn to modern interiors.  Perhaps, it's because the modern aesthetic is so clean.  It is without clutter, without busy, complicated materials.  Lets face it, in a house with three kids, there just is a lot of clutter. No way around it.  Not that I don't love 3rd grade self portraits or the obligatory kindergarden cut out snowflake, but sometimes (yes, I am admitting this) I feel like I am drowning in paper and school folder castaways.
So, I think that a beach house, an escape house,  should be serene, different and yes, whimsical.  I realize that whimsical can be scary. Not lighthouse shower curtain whimsical, but fun (in a chic way.)  I promise not to have seashells and seahorses in every single room- not one "life is better at the beach" sign. The trick will be to incorporate a modern look that is family friendly-  and not so modern as to fight the look of the exterior.
Below are some photos that inspire me....what do you think?

The above photo is from Meg Ryan's Martha's Vineyard house- LOVE

 Above- fun kitchen photo- love the blue and green together.

Above- from the portfolio of Molly Frey - she is a fantastic designer. I think that is a fabulous Anne Packard painting in the hallway....I can dream, right?

 OK, so maybe not totally modern, but so clean and uncluttered. I love the contrast  of the warm wood table with the slipcovered couches.

Above- A design by Frank Roop- he blends modern and colorful with perfection!

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I love the direction, not too modern please. I need comfy.

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