Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What will it look like?

So a few people have asked...what will it look like?  Well,  this is the home that I found on the web and fell in love with.  We have a very (extremely) narrow lot so this home fit the bill. The original home was 1 foot from the lot line, really. So, we did not have a lot of room to work with.  The neighbors are quite close....lets hope they like dogs.   

Our architect, Joel Silverwatch (Salem, NH) made some great changes and designed the interior to be an upside down floor plan. Joel's design really captured the look and feel of this home.   He was able to fit in all of our requests in not a lot of square footage. Btw, I highly recommend him.  Joe Fahey referred us to him.  He was so easy to work with, really listened to us and was super quick.

Our home will have round white columns instead of the stone (basically a budget choice- although I do love the stone) and  white railings.  Yes, there will be cocktails on the porch.

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