Saturday, February 26, 2011

hello windows!

So I received a lovely text last evening from Florida...... "the windows are in"..... why from Florida?  Well apparently JTB needed some warm weather :)  Can't say I blame him- the weather has been brutal.  BTW - jtb (joe the builder or Mr. Fahey) should not be confused with jth (joe the husband.)

Those who know me, know that I am not a very patient person- so I decided I had to go and check it out myself- TODAY.   JTH took the older kids to VT this weekend, but I stayed home with Will since he is not feeling so hot.  Sorry Will, I packed you up with your fever and cold and made the trip. Pretzels, juice and a movie kept you very happy.

The windows were indeed in, and the house is really taking shape.

Here are some updated pics of the house with the windows installed. I am glad that I made the last minute change to 4 over 1 instead of 6 over 1.  The 4 is for the amount of grids on the top of the window and the 1 means just one open glass on the bottom.  Still waiting for the sliders and the round window to go in to the back of the house facing the water.

Here are  pictures facing out from the family/great room.  Cant wait for the deck to be done!

Here is the view of the back of the house- still waiting on top and bottom decks and large round window to be installed on top floor.
starting to look like the inspiration house-  that sounds very HGTV, doesn't it?

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C of CL&H said...

it is time to fast forward.. lets get the extra crews working. I need a vacation.

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