Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I'm loving....

So back to the grind tomorrow morning.... (not really a grind, because believe me, I do not take one second of this life for granted ) but I wish I could slow down the weekly rush of sports activities, school and usual craziness a bit.  I look forward to the weekend though, and especially this weekend, as I get to watch my daughter and her new horse compete in New York.

  I am, however, definitely missing warm summer days and late sunsets.  Here are a few things I am eyeing for the beach house this summer.

First, check this Tory Burch bracelet out- in  Orange of course.... lucite- lovely lucite-

Next,  Claus Porto Soaps......perfect colors for the beach, yes?
and last but not least, these perfect "martini" tables from West Elm.  The yellow is TO DIE FOR....need Robin to ok them for in between the blue chairs in the great room :)

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