Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Equestrian Inspiration

I do not ride horses. My husband needs 2 claritin to even be around horses. My sister, however is a  horse person, and has her own barn.  So in a way, I sort of grew up seeing a bit of the horse world  My daughter, however, has found her passion in horses.  When a child finds their passion, it is a wonderful thing to watch.  We recently took the plunge and purchased my daughter's first horse.  We have been lucky enough to have leased a wonderful pony for a few years, but it was time to let C experience horse ownership and the responsibility that comes with it.  Vincitore is a 5 year Belgium Warmblood.  He was imported from Germany and has his own passport- does that sound ridiculous or what? C loves him with all her heart, and hopefully, they will grow together.  When you own a horse, you quickly realize that there is an entire world built around all things equestrian.  Horses need clothes, and tack and accessories- the horse clothing part is actually pretty fun, and yes, our horse has "jammies."  The other thing you realize, is that the horse world has forever influenced the design world.  Of course, the designer that pops into everyone's head would be Ralp Lauren.  Does anyone capture the equestrian influence better?


Hermes is known for it's equestrian style,  taking chic to a whole other level......they have their own line of horse tack as well-  Unfortunately, building the house and purchasing the horse this past year means that I am not shopping at Hermes...Target, are you listening?  You need an Equestrian Chic collection :)


The Frye boot craze is everywhere....the clean lined riding boot will never go out of style. If I am going to be a true "horse show mom"-  I have to look good :)

                           and we have seen a lot of equestrian art popping is being used in modern spaces, as well as the traditional room         

I would love to find a large, modern and vibrant horse print for the beach house....the search is on :)

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