Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making up for lost time

So, the stomach bug hit here last night.  Lets just say it wasn't pretty.  Poor Will!  My duvet covers, pillows and sheets all got caught in the crossfire.  But on the bright side, I got to stay home all day with my "baby."  I am a person who likes to stay fairly busy, but sometimes, a full day "in the house" is quite nice. Will is feeling better and I got to spend time catching up on my blog.
Yesterday was a huge day in beach house design.  Robin (designer and friend) arranged a meeting with one of her furniture reps and we made a bunch of decisions.  I have visualized a white slipcovered couch in this house since, ummm, before I even saw the house :)  Ok, I know....3 kids, 2 dogs, coffee, juice boxes, gogurts, cosmos, red wine ....could make the white couch a little tricky....but guess what?  Sunbrella makes beautiful indoor/outdoor fabrics that look fabulous. Problem solved- stain resistant, mildew resistant (think wet bathing suits) and can be easily cleaned. I decided to do all the couches in sunbrella.  Great room will be in white, I already posted the study fabric (blue)- and for the kids playroom - a beautiful aqua.  Thank you Sunbrella.  Who wants to worry about couches when you are trying to chill......No one wants to hear mom yelling (especially on the weekends.)

Now, the master bedroom:
Beautiful bedding by Serena and Lilly.  Robin's Lee Furniture rep is doing a bed just like this for us.  Do you love the nickel nailhead trim?   Can't wait to see it all together.

Ok- and am thrilled with this print Robin found:

It has the blue, it has the green and best of the budget!  Maybe in the study, maybe in the guest suite.....


The Sunbrella Team said...

We should be the one's thanking you. You made our case for performance fabrics that are kid and pet-friendly. Much thanks!

Marcia Blake said...

Your choice of Sunbrella fabric for your Beach House great room in white, is perfect!! Your kids and dogs will be happy go lucky and free to be who they are!! I Love Sunbrella Fabric!

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