Monday, March 28, 2011

cool happenings

I had a lot of hits today on the blog- a I checked out where they were coming from.  Guess what? Sunbrella Fabrics posted my blog on their facebook page and gave me a shout out on twitter....the internet is a crazy thing huh? I still haven't figured out how to post the link (cut and paste isn't working)....but check it out. Nothing wrong with a little excitement when you are home with two sick kiddos.....the stomach bug continues. Perhaps I should be paying better attention to grammar and spelling :) My friend A will enjoy that.
They also left a comment on my blog.  Cool!

I will be sure to post pictures of the kid, pet and mom friendly furniture once it arrives :)

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The Sunbrella Team said...

We try our best to pay attention to the blogosphere and when we run across someone who gives us a shout out, its only fair that we return the favor. We hope it's a little bright spot for your day.

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