Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Beachy Bath

When I fall in love with a house, it is usually beacuse of two rooms.  Yes, the kitchen is an obvious guess..but I love a beautifully detailed bath.  The best part about a bathroom is that you can be whimsical, bold and really think out of the box. We see the ho-hum bathrooms every day- so when you see a new idea or fresh design, it makes the house so much more interesting. I remember vividly, a friends home in Connecticut where the ceiling was painted a vibrant metallic was drop dead gorgeous.  Wouldn't a navy and gold bathroom be stunning? Gold striped walls? Here are a few of my beachy favorites....

 Coastal Living
 Decor Pad
 House Beautiful.....more formal than my taste...but can you imagine walking into this? Lovely!
 Phoebe Howard
 Southern Living
Southern the antique medicine cabinets

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