Friday, August 5, 2011

drum roll please....the big reveal (sort of)

It's been a while-  we are finally settled in  and loving our summer at the beach.  The kids are taking sailing lessons and making new friends.  I have met some wonderful people and can't believe how fast the summer is going.  This afternoon, the light was absolutely beautiful so I finally took some photos of the almost finished product.  We still need a few things- and I am still working on a painting for over the fireplace, but here it is so far :)  BTW- thank you sunbrella....the wet bathing suit theory has already  been tested on all of the sofas, and you came through with flying colors- yup, all the couches and sectionals were slipcovered in sunbrella indoor-outdoor fabric- and they are fabulous!

powder room

guest room

guest bath


kids "hang out" area

upstairs family room
 The master and kid's bedrooms weren't "photo ready" yet- so stay tuned :)


Ciara L said...

First off, fabulous photos! The living room and kitchen photos look like magazine photos. The decor is also out of a magazine. It looks so wonderful! Is it everything you wanted?? Can't wait to see it in person.

katrina taylor clifford said...

found this when I googled "seacoast gray"- having my own gray stain dilemmas I've spent my whole life living through renovations- so nice that u documented yours. It's lovely!

Laurel Stephens said...

Your beach home is beautiful. Your photos helped me choose my own new hardwood stain color to be applied tomorrow. Thanks! :)

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