Tuesday, May 10, 2011

latest obsessions

We are really getting close- its trim week (s)-
of course I'm dying to see the kitchen cabinets but that will have to wait.
Is it bad that a friend introduced me to a fabulous cocktail made with St Germain- and not only did I love it, I can already envision it being the cocktail of choice on the deck?  BTW- we are counting on many cocktails on the deck with those friends...  (with of course, Frank Sinatra's Summer Wind playing in the background...my dad will enjoy that)-
So, until I can post some pictures of the crown molding that I spent hours choosing (much to JTB's dismay)- I will post a few goodies that I am thinking are necessities....
this needs to go in the foyer when you first walk in....setting the mood for our guests :)
and a chandelier that I am dying to put in my master......( by Serena and Lilly) -RG- what do you think??

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